Harness the
power  of  SMALL acts 
of  kindness


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Finding a little time ... to make a difference



We each do what we can, when we can, just a little at a time. It seems sporatic, but acting together, it all adds up.


Your loved one is more engaged and involved from more frequent contact. Connections grow stronger. The lonely days are gone.


Enjoy your day with the assurance that FonTag™ will let you know when there hasn't been enough contact.

Caring together... not alone

  • Your loved one gets a call every day
  • The primary caregiver gets a little relief
  • Everyone can contribute a little
  • Connections grow stronger

Everything you need to know at a glance

How much contact has your loved one had in the last 24 hours? Want to know? Glance at the contact bar. Who contacted her last? How was she doing? How long ago? It's all right there.
Call them or log a visit with just a tap.
It's just that easy.

User Stories

The speed of life

You know those days. You're already busy, but you have to fit in just one more thing... Life happens. FonTag™ keeps pace. Know right away if the baton gets dropped.

Crisis Management

Group texts and emails can get messy fast when responding to a family crisis. FonTag™ provided a private, easy way to communicate that kept everyone on the same page.

Has anyone heard from Mom?

My mom, Anita, who lived alone, had a stroke. We knew right away something was wrong. Without FonTag™ she might have been there for days.

Just $5 for the whole family!

We are working hard to get this app into the hands of 100 new families.
Expected release date: May 2017.
Sign up now, before all the slots are filled.


$4.99 / month

  • 1 Care Receiver
  • Up to 10 Supportive Family & Friends
  • Additional Care Receivers $4.89/month
  • 10 more Family & Friends $4/month
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Private Duty

$45 / month

  • 10 Care Receivers
  • Up to 10 Supportive Family & Friends per Care Receiver
  • Each Additional Care Receiver $4.49/month
  • Each Care Receiver can convert to Family plan
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$209 / month

  • 50 Care Receivers
  • Up to 10 Supportive Family & Friends per Care Receiver
  • Each 10 Additional Care Receivers $39/month
  • Each Care Receiver can convert to Family plan
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Why isn't this free?

FonTag™ values your privacy. You need to feel confident that only your family can access what you share here.
Free software is generally ad supported, and allows the advertisers to data mine your private family content, so that they can serve you relevant ads. That's all well and good, if done in an ethical fashion.
If you really can't afford the small monthly fee, send me an email at Deb@FonTag.com.

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